Friday, December 3, 2010

New Face…New Name

As some of you might have noticed, I have changed the name of the blog and given it a facelift.

Why the facelift? Well…#1) I think this back ground is really cool and if my blog looks cool then maybe people will think that I am cool too. (A fool’s hope I know but a hope none-the-less as long as everyone who knows me will keep their mouths shut about my lack-of-coolness) #2) we live in a visual culture where the presentation and the medium are as much a part of the communicative process as the words used. (Amy says the new background makes it a little hard to read so let me know what you think lest I need to re-lift the face for readability sake)

Why the new name? Bluntly stated, I don’t think that adherence to dogma is ever the end-goal of Spiritual Formation. Nor do I believe that a person is made spiritual simply by virtue of knowledge or cognitive assent. While dogmatics has its necessary place within the formation process, the Christ-life is only lived as you function according to LOVE.

Yes…No…What say you?


mac.joan said...

I don't know about "luvmatics," but the new background is "homey" and, since I like homey, I like it!

However, the 'graph about the name is too obtuse for any of us "nobodies" to understand--talk about philosophies!

But, then, I like the author, so I'll read on as he writes.

Also, I am envious that he was in Eleanor and I, just in Louisville! The fun was similar--family and all--but, the ambience was lacking. Who needs Churchill Downs and a big city?


Kris said...

Dude, I love you! We miss you too. Want to come speak in Ohio sometime?