Monday, December 6, 2010


How do you tell the difference between an interruption and a divine appointment? What makes one unplanned encounter burdensome and another life-giving?

One might be tempted to say that the divine appointment is ordered by God while the interruption is not but that begs the question, “What is and what is not ordered by God?”

We can all agree that sin is not ordered by God. We can all also agree that just because something happens does not mean that God has actively willed that thing to happen. This being said, how do we account for those unplanned, uncounted on, and unwelcomed instances of life?

In Luke 8:40-55 Jesus gives us a functional paradigm for dealing with life’s not-so-little interruptions by affirming faith, bringing forth hope, and extending love.

In this passage, life happens and Jesus is confronted simultaneously with a father’s heartbreak, a woman’s hopelessness, and a little girl’s death. In the midst of this tsunami of sin, death, and brokenness, Jesus is able to look at each one of these three in turn and say, “Don’t be afraid; just believe,” “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” “My child, get up.”

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe when someone in need interrupts your day that they are doing so because they see you as their only hope? Is it possible that God allows interrupters to cross our path because he knows we can help bring hope to those who have none? What is the difference between an interruption and a divine appointment? Is there a difference or is the difference found in the way we respond?

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