Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here I sit on New Years morning. The sky is over cast. Amy is in the kitchen switching out our old dishes with the new ones she received as a Christmas gift (from her mom, not me); both boys are still in bed, and Makayla is playing a video game. And I am sitting in my chair taking inventory of this past year.
All told 2011 was a pretty good year. I know that there were things and time that were less than stellar but I really cannot think of anything too bad right now. Most of my work days consisted of writing, reading or studying for my job at RBC Ministries. I started my Doctorate at Talbot School of Theology in June (which is why I did no blogging after the middle of April last year). And my family are all healthy and happy. Life is good.
But as I sit here pondering on this gray morning, I wonder what the Lord will have for me in 2012. I wonder what needs to change in me. Simply put, what am I going to use my time energies and talents toward in 2012.
The reality is that all of us have a limited amount of resources. I can only read so many books and articles so what I am going to read. I can only spend time with so many people so who will I make time to spend time with. I only have so much money, what will I spend it on. All of these thoughts are rolling around in my mind as I consider life-change and personal growth in 2012.
As I process all these thoughts and feelings I am reminded of the teachings of Jesus. He commands us to love - holistically love God and selflessly love neighbor (See Deut. 6:4; Matthew 22:37-40; 1 Corinthians 13; John 3 & John 17). It seems that everything Jesus says goes back to love.
This is what I know. I was lost and God, in the person of Jesus Christ and via the power of the Holy Spirit, came looking for me. He found me and adopted me into his family. And as a part of his family he has called me and commissioned me to invite others to came and be a part of his loving family.
So this year I want to be more concerned about communicating the loving message of hope and less concerned keeping rules and building protective hedges around pet dogmas. This year I am going to try to love God more fully, love others in Jesus' name more effectively, and utilize my gifts and abilities to help others love better.
I want to write more...some here...some in other publications and places
I want to take better care of myself...
I want to nurture the spiritual lives of my family...
So here we go! Looking forward to a great year.

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