Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The end of my nose

There is an old saying, “plan as the nose on your face.” The intention of this phrase is to communicate something is so clear or easily understandable that it is nearly impossible to misinterpret.

If this is the case, sometimes I wonder if I can see past the end of my own nose.

I read books and listen to people speak and what seems to be as “plain as the nose on their face,” does not always make sense to me.  Why is that?

When two people have the same information placed before them yet disagree about how to best interpret or apply that information how do we reconcile the discrepancy? Is it necessary to assume that one person is objective and rational while the other person is diluted and glib?

When you or I disagree with someone what do we assume?

How often do we doubt our own ability to see the world as it really is? Most of the time we assume that we are seeing the world objectively and those who differ with us are somehow deceived. Is it possible that while our contrarians might be looking at the world through “rose” colored glasses the lenses we look through are as equally colored?

This week let’s take that time to entertain this thought when we disagree with someone, “Maybe they are right.” It might just allow us to see past the end of our noses.

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